The City: Expo 2012

Tangier poses for international media

Last week, Tangier hosted the Expo 2012 selection committee for a final "walk through" the city. If selected it will be the first EXPO held in an African, Arab, Muslim country. The city's official bid website is available by clicking here.

Porcession from the port heading down le corniche

Thousands of school children joined in the show. They carried white flags with the multi color Expo symbol and were dressed in white T-shirts and white baseball caps.

The video above (you might need to click on the icon to play) shows some scenes along the historic route: starting above at the Catholic Church, down past the old cemeteries to the Grand Socco, through the medina walls and further down the hill to the Zoco Chico (the city center since before Roman times), past the old Grand Mosque and out to the port, and finally, along the beach front for the finale of music, flags, marshal arts, parading ships and rollerbladers.

Soon a vote will be taken to select from the three final candidates: Tangier and cities in Poland and Korea.

Update Korea was the winner. In the end, their themes of high technology and global warming were insurmountable.