Tangier from inside out works to draw more attention to the "voices" of city insiders.

Five interrelated human spheres are highlighted: 1) performance, 2) literature, 3) art, 4) visualization, and 5) experience. These links provide further explanation, examples, and information. At a time of great dynamism in the city, these interventions are meant to encourage alternative place-narratives and empower more stakeholders in the re/making of the city.

What are shown are works in progress. They range from: new books, events, and art; to broader perspectives and observations; to suggestions and alternatives for further elaboration. In all cases they are meant to invite collaboration, dialogue, and additional partners / contributions.

This is the practical application of a variety of social theories (post-colonial, feminist, art) and a featured method is the concept of autoethnography. These ideas (and much more) are discussed in great detail in the links below "Tangier dialogue" on the right sidebar of the website.


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This page remains under construction, please check back later as the projects develop.

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