This project would never have been possible without the efforts and support of many people. As a tentative start, I'd like to acknowledge and thank the following:

Chief Collaborator
  • Dr. Khalid Amine

Organizations and Groups

  • The International Centre for Performance Studies (ICPS), Tangier Morocco
  • The Tangier International Conferences, Tangier, Morocco
  • The citizens of the city of Tangier, Morocco
Individuals (alphabetical order)
  • Mr. Zoubeir Ben Bouchta
  • Ms Yhtimad Bouziane
  • Mr. Mitchell A. Cohn
  • Dr. Mohammad Elkouche
  • Mohammed Jadidi
  • Ms Rajae Khaloufi
  • Dr. Cheng Li
  • Dr. Carol Malt
  • Ms Saadia Maski
  • Ms Vanessa Paloma
  • Dr. Elizabeth Petroff
  • Mr. Mustapha Hillal Sousi
  • Dr. Barry Tharaud
  • Dr. Robert Vaughan
  • Dr. Richard Wilkie
Institutional Support (alphabetical order)
  • Abdelmalek Essa├ódi University, Tetouan, Morocco
  • Cultural Affairs Section, USA Embassy, Rabat, Morocco
  • Moroccan American Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange (MACECE), Rabat, Morocco
  • Tangier American Legation Museum Society, Tangier, Morocco

This page remains under construction, please check back later as the projects develop.

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