Affiliated Fulbrighters

Over the years, dozens of Fulbrighters have participated in ICPS/CMI* conferences and publishing, they include: 

Fulbright Scholars to Morocco (unless otherwise noted), alphabetical order:
  1. Mohammed A Albakry (TEFL/Applied Linguistics: 2011-12), Professor, Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), click here
  2. George Bajalia (Student grantee, Theatre: 2011-12)
  3. Jonathan Curiel (to Pakistan, Journalism: 1993-94), Journalist, profiled here
  4. Allen Hibbard (to Syria, American Literature: 1992-94), Professor and Director of the Middle East Center at Middle Tennessee State University, click here
  5. Deborah A Kapchan (Anthropology: 2001-02), Professor, Tisch School of the Arts at New York University (NYU), click here
  6. Nicolas K Kiessling: (Literature: 2003-04), Professor (retired), Washington State University (WSU), click here
  7. Shara Lange (Student grantee, Filmmaking: 2007-08), Professor, East Tennessee State University (ETSU), click here
  8. Lucy L Melbourne (American Literature: 2005-06/2006-07), Professor, profiled here
  9. Carol N Malt (Art History: 2004-05), Writer, profiled here
  10. Susan G Miller (History: 2004-05), Professor, University of California-Davis, click here
  11. Pamela M Nice (Theater: 2004-05)
  12. Vanessa Paloma (Music: 2007-08)
  13. Dwight Reynolds (Specialist grant, Music: 2008)
  14. George F Roberson (Cultural Geography: 2007-08), Professor and Chair of Partners for International Collaboration and Education (PICE), click here
  15. Aaron Sakulich (Student grantee, Arabic and Engineering: 2007-08)
  16. Eric Maiers Saline (Art: 2009-10)
  17. Rod Solaimani (Student grantee, Music: 2009-2010)
  18. Barry C. Tharaud (Literature: 2003-04/2004-05)

Moroccan Fulbright Scholars to US, alphabetical order:
  1. Akbib Abdelatif (American Literature: 2006 - Washington State University), Professor
  2. Khalid Amine (Theatre: 2006 - City University of New York) Professor and President of the International Centre for Performance Studies - Tangier, click here
  3. Redouan Ayadi (?: 2002), Professor
  4. Khalid Bekkaoui (Literature: 1999), Professor
  5. Abderrazzak Essrhir (Literature: 2005 - San Diego State University), Professor
  6. Younes Assaad Ryani (Literature: 2006), Professor
*the ICPS Tangier International Conference series was founded in 2004 by Fulbrighters Khalid Amine and Barry Tharaud, along with Andrew Hussey (Dean of the Institute, University of London Institute in Paris). CMI was founded in 2009 by Fulbrighter George F Roberson. 

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The Fulbright program and grantee rosters available online click here (Scholars) and here (students)