Larache, Morocco

Grave of Jean Genet, Larache, Roberson © 2007

Following the conference, Picturing/Performing Tangier (Feb. 2007), I was lucky to have the chance to join in a day trip down to Larache to visit the city and the grave of Jean Genet.

My friends and colleagues paused while I took this photo; they are (from left to right): Khalid's son, Dr. Khalid Amine, Dr. Barry Tharaud, Dr. Clare Brandabur, and X of the X theatre group (of Larache).

Under Khalid's direction, we were met in the city center by members of the local artistic community for tea and conversation and then taken to the cemetery. It's a dramatic place: an ocean prospect overlooking the Atlantic with the surf crashing in on the rocks far below; yellow flowers dot the lush green grass and provide contrast to the jumble of ghost-like stones.

Genet, a French writer and dramatist, was a longtime member of Tangier's creative cultures. During the conference, Brandabur gave a spirited paper about his witness of the massacre at Sabra and Shatila and his subsequent book about it, Quatre heures à Chatila (Four Hours in Shatila).