Tangier International Conference 2007

Conference Program, 2007

Performing/Picturing Tangier
An International Conference
Chellah Hotel, Tangier, Morocco
8-11 February 2007

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Thursday, February 8, 2007

11:00/ 12:30 - Arrival, check in, registration, and welcome to local, visiting, and international Academics and Artists (Morocco, U.S.A., Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, Switzerland, Turkey and Qatar).

14:00/ 14:30 - Opening Amsel’s Exhibition of Tangier Photographs at the Chellah Hotel. Information available, click here

14:30/ 15:30 Inaugural Plenary Meeting

Main Conference Room: Chair (Hassan Ben Ziyan)

Opening Speeches by:

  • Mustapha Bennouna (President of Abdelmalek Essaâdi University)
  • Gabriel Torrent (Consul, Ambassade de Suisse au Maroc)
  • Juergen Woelke (Cultural Attachée, Embassy of Germany at Rabat)
  • José Manuel Goñi Pérez (Representative of University of Wales, U.K.)
  • Andrew Hussey (Representative of the University of London Institute, Paris) Information available, click here
  • Arthuro Lorenzo (Director, Instituto Cervantes, Tánger)
  • Rachid Amahjour (President, Association Med-Atlantic, Tangier)
  • Sidi Mohamed El Yamlahi Ouzzani (membre du groupe de travail Tanger Expo 2012) Information available, click here

15:30/ 16:00: Inaugural Reception in honor of the guest speakers of the conference

16:00/ 17:30 Opening Panel: Screening /Performing Tangier

Main Conference Room: Chair (Jacques Lezra)

  • Hasna Lebbady (Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco) “Farida Belyazid’s “Keid Ensa” as Visual Performance of Aisha’s Tale with its Emphasis on Words”
  • Ikram Kabbaj (Leading Artist of Tangier’s Sculpture International Symposium

2001) “Symposium International de Sculpture: Tanger 2001”

  • Touria Khannous (Faculty of Humanities, Dhar El-Mehras, Fès) “Screening the City: Images of Tangier in Contemporary Moroccan Cinema”
  • Laura Owen and Andrew Hussey (University of London Institute in Paris) “Screening Tangier: The Arab City in the European Cinema” Information available, click here

17:30/ 18:00 Plenary Discussion

18:00/ 19:30 Panel Session 2: Tangier in Theatre/Theatre in Tangier

Main Conference Room: Chair (Khalid Amine)

  • Hassan Mniai (Faculty of Humanities, Dhar El-Mehras, Fès)

"قراءة في مسرحية حارس المرحضة العمومية للكاتب الطنجي عبد القادر السميحي

  • Fadel Soudani (Independent Playwright, Denmark)

"لغة الاستعارة وتأويل فضاء الفنون البصرية في المدينة العربية"

  • Hassan Youssfi (École National Supérieur, Meknès) «طنجة فضاء للتمسرح»
  • Younes Loulidi (Faculty of Humanities, Dhar El-Mehras, Fès)

"المسرح والمدينة: عندما تحرم طنجة المسرح"

  • Rachid Amahjour (Delegate of Culture, Tangier) "طنجة المشهدية"

19:30/ 19:45 Plenary Discussion

20:00/ 21:00

Opening Breakthrough to Grey Room: Casabarata

Kasbah Museum, Dar Al-Maghzen Palace, Kasbah
  • A groundbreaking German site-specific artistic installation at the Kasbah Museum that explores the kinetic life and history of Tangier’s architectural public spaces transforming the urban context into highly energized and uniquely choreographed space.
  • Led by distinguished German artists Thilo Heinzmann, Klaus Jörres, Ulrike Kuschel, Martin Neumaier, Thomas Seidemann, Eva Seufert, Stefanie Seufert, Wawrzyniec Tokarski, Maja Weyermann, Eva-Maria Wilde, Alexander Wolff, Haegue Yang, and Marten Frerichs.
  • A guided tour of the Kasbah Museum offered by the Curator, Dr Abdel-Aziz Idrissi.
  • Information available, click here

Friday, February 9, 2007

8:30/ 10:30    Panel Session 3: Picturing Tangier
            Main Conference Room: Chair (Barry Tharaud)
  • Badia Hadj Nassar (Writer, Paris) “Nouvelles Cinématographiques"
  • Jacques Lezra (University of Wisconsin at Madison, U.S.A.) "The mole at Tangier, 1661-1684: Visual Sovereignty in Hollar, Cholmley And Sheeres"
  • Khalid Bekkaoui (Faculty of Humanities, Dhar El-Mehras, Fès) “Picturing Tangaoui Women in French Colonial Postcards”
  • Abdelilah El-Khalifi (Abdelmalek Essaâdi University) “Le Tanger du net”
  • Ahmed Beroho (Writer, Tanger) Tanger: Source d’inspiration

10:00/ 10:30 Discussion and Morning Coffee

10:30/ 12:15 Panel Session 4: Place-Making and the City

Main Conference Room: Chair (Andrew Hussey) Information available, click here

  • Rita Boudard (University of Texas, Dallas, U.S.A.) “Translating Tangier”
  • Lola Bermudez and Inmaculada Diaz Narbona (University of Cadiz, Spain) “Jour de Silence à Tanger”
  • Mohammed Saàd Zemmouri (Abdelmalek Essaâdi University) "Lieux de Tanger chez Eliza Chimenti”
  • Sidi Mohammed El Yamlahi Ouzzani (Abdelmalek Essaâdi University) "Tanger: L’actrice sans artifices
  • Cristina Boidard (University of Cadiz, Spain) "Tánger, début du XXè siècle dans ‘Color Sensaciones de Tánger y Tetuán’ (1929)"

12:15/ 12:30 Plenary Discussion

14:00/ 15:30 Panel Session 5: The Other Tangier of Genet, Fuentes, and Ben Jelloun

Main Conference Room: Chair (José Manuel Goñi Pérez)

  • Clare Brandabur (Doğuş University, Turkey) Passing through Tangier: Jean Genet’s Final Elegy”
  • Juan Vega Montoya (Writer, Spain) "Un pintor de Tánger para Tánger, Antonio Fuentes"
  • Hisham Aidi (Professor, Columbia University, NY, U.S.A.) "Spanish Orientalism and al-Andalus: Historiography and Modern Politics"

José Antonio Monroy (Writer, Spain)

15:30/ 16:00 Plenary Discussion

16:15/ 18:00 Screening and Discussion of Tangier: Legend of a City at Cinema Dawliz, presented by its German director Peter Goedel and script writer Alfred Hackensberger.

18:30 Inaugural theatre performance of Tangier’s Play of the season, Rue Shakespeare: written by Zobeir Ben Bouchta, directed by Jilali Farhati, and co-produced by Bab Bhar Company and the Ministry of Culture. Information available, click here

Saturday, February 10, 2007

8:30/ 10:30 Panel Session 6: Discreet Appropriation: Paul Bowles and Others

Main Conference Room:

Chair (Clare Brandabur)

  • Lucia Mora Gonzàlez (University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain) The Importance of Place in the Making of Bowles’ Short Stories”
  • Maria Porras Sànchez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain) “Dream of a Penal Colony: William S. Burroughs translates Tangier”
  • Barry Tharaud (Doğuş University, Turkey) “Varieties of Influence: Paul Bowles and the Gide Connection”
  • Mohamed Elkouche (Mohamed I University, Oujda) Picturing the Interzone: Tangier in P. Bowles' Let It Come Down and A. Majid's Si Yussef
  • John Schaefer (Scholar, University of Texas, Austin, U.S.A.) “Discreet Appropriation: Paul Bowles and Black Music”

10:30/ 11:00 Plenary Discussion and Morning Coffee

11:00/12:30 Panel Session 7: Memory between Space and Place-making

Main Conference Room:

Chair (Abdellatif Chahboun)

  • Sonia García Soubriet (Writer, Spain) “Los Cuentos de Ángel Vázquez”
  • José Manuel Goñi Pérez (Aberysthwith University, UK) “Écfrasis y descripciones tangerinas”
  • Lydia Sanz de Soto (Editor, Spain) “Tingis”
  • Antonio Parra (Writer, Spain) “El Obispo de Tanger”

12:30/ 12:45 Discussion

14:00/ 15:30 Panel Session 8: Tangier: Visualizing the City

Main Conference Room: Chair (Khalid Amine)

  • Sonja Hedgrepeth (Middle Tennessee State University, U.S.A.) “Maghrebi Reflections”
  • George F. Roberson, prolife available, click here (University of Massachusetts, U.S.A.) “Tangier: Visualizing the City” text and images available online, click here
  • Hamid Aidouni (Abdelmalek Essaâdi University) “En quête du Tanger cinématographic”
  • Ahmed Jiaidi (Professor, CPR, Tangier) “Petite histoire du cinéma à Tanger
  • Florian Vetsch (Writer, Switzerland) “Bottle Post from Tangier”
  • Gerda Heck, Petra Barz and Franziska Frielinghaus (Scholars, Germany) “Tangier as a Transit Space”

15:30/ 16:00 Plenary Discussion

16:00/ 17:30 Panel Session 9: Perfoming Tangier

Main Conference Room: Chair (Said Koubrit)

  • Ridwan Hdadou (Playwright, Tetouan) "ذاكرة طنجة المسرحية"
  • Mhammed Makroum Talbi (Delegation of Education, Tangier)

"الحركة المسرحية بطنجة: من البداية إلى الامتداد"

  • Mustapha El-Ghachi (Abdelmalek Essaâdi University)

"موكب مولاي عبد السلام وبوعراقية بين الفرجة والمعتقد"

  • Abdellatif Chahboun (Abdelmalek Essaâdi University)

"تجربة الشاعر أبي بكر اللمتوني في المسرح الشعري"

17:30/ 18:00 Plenary Discussion

18:00/ 19:30 Panel Session 10: Tangier and Site-Specificity

Main Conference Room: Chair (Mustapha El-Ghachi)

  • BenYounes Amirouch (Art Critic, Morocco) "طنجة التشكيلية"
  • OU.S.A.ma Zougari (Scholar, Casablanca) "ذاكرة طنجة الإبداعية"
  • Mimoun Doudi (Scholar, Faculty of Letters, Oujda) “The Portrayal of Tangier in H. Legzouli's film: ‘Tenja’”
  • Khalid Amine (Abdelmalek Essaâdi University) “Site-Specific Potentials of Tangier”

Sunday, February 11, 2007

8:30/ 9:30 Emerging Scholars’ Workshop

Main Conference Room: Chair (George F. Roberson)

prolife available, click here

  • A platform of exchange between graduate students and scholars from Moroccan Universities and distinguished writers, researchers, and academics from different parts of the world.

9:30/ 10:30 New Books Presentations & Signing

Main Conference Room: Chair (Ridwan El-Ayadi)

  • Ahmed Beroho, Les Mystères de Tanger, Tanger: Éditions Corail. La Sinte Eglise & Ben Laden a Casablanca, Tanger: Éditions Corails.
  • Jamal Eddine Benhayoun, Jamal Eddine, Narration, Navigation, and Colonialism, Brusssels: IPE-Peterlang, 2006
  • Alfred Hackensberger, Arabien Remixed, Heinz Wohlers Verlag, 2006.
  • Florian Vetsch, Florian and Boris Kerenski, Tanger Telegramm, Zuerich: Bilger Verlag, 2004.
  • Andrew Hussey, Paris: The Secret History, London: Viking Penguin. Information available, click here
  • Younes Loulidi, al-masrah wal-madina, Doha, 2006.

10:30/ 12:00 Screening of two films about Tangier by the German director Von Peter Goedel at the Chellah:

  • Childhood in Morocco: Mohamed Choukri, by Peter Goedel and Roberto de Hollanda (44 minutes)
  • At the Mediterranean Sea: Tahar Ben Jelloun, by Peter Goedel (44 minutes)

12:00/ 12:30 Wrap-up session, recommendations, and closing ceremony.

Main Conference Room: Chair (Sidi Mohammed El Yamlahi Ouzzani)

12:30/ 13:30 Reception and Presentation of “Culture Counts Project: A Panorama of Cultural Diversity in collaboration with the UNESCO”.

Main Conference Room: Chair (Michael Gleich)

Call for Papers and Panels

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Performing Tangier

Borders, Beats & Beyond

May 2008

  • Languages: Arabic, French, Spanish, and English.
  • This annual international conference is organized by Abdelmalek Essaâdi University (Research Group of Performance Studies at the Faculty of Letters and Humanities), the University of Wales, Aberystwyth (UK), and the University of London Institute at Paris.
  • In collaboration with La Wilaya de Tanger, Instituto Cervantes (Tangier), El Aula Universitaria del Estrecho, Goethe Institute, Deutsch-Marokkanische Gesellschaft Nord, Swiss Embassy (Rabat), Association Med-Atlantic, La Commune Urbane de la Ville de Tanger, Chellah Hotel, Kasbah Museum, Tangier’s Delegation of Tourism, Union of Journalists, Jane and Paul Bowles Society.

Organizing Committee:

  • Khalid Amine (Coordinator), Research Group of Performance Studies, Abdelmalek Essaâdi University, Tétouan, Morocco khamine@hotmail.com
  • Andrew Hussey, University of London Institute in Paris nuh@aber.ac.uk.Barry Tharaud, San Diego State University, U.S.A. and Doğuş University, Istanbul barrytharaud@yahoo.com
  • José Manuel Goï Pérez, Department of European Languages, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, jsg@eber.ac.uk
  • Alfred Hackensberger, writer, Germany, hackensberger@hotmail.com
  • Rachid Amahjour, Delegate of the Ministry of Culture, Tangier, amhourachid@hotmail.com
  • Said Koubrit, Chair of Tangier’s Union of Journalists
  • Arthuro Lorenzo, Director, Instituto Cervantes Tangier, dirtan@cervantes.es
  • Abdelilah El Khalifi, Professor, Abdelmalek Essaadi University, elkhalifi44@hotmail.com
  • Hamid Aïdouni, Professor, Abdelmalek Essaâdi University, aidouni10@menara.ma
  • Hassan Ben Ziyan, Professor, Abdelmalek Essaâdi University, almutanabbi01@hotmail.com
  • Abderrahman Elfathi, Professor, Abdelmalek Essaâdi University, elfathi@uae.ma
  • Mustapha El-Ghachi, Professor, Abdelmalek Essaâdi University
  • Abdellatif Chahboun, Professor, Abdelmalek Essaâdi University
  • Mustapha Hilal Soussi, Graduate Student, Abdelmalek Essaâdi University
  • Mohamed Al-Azrak, Scholar, Tangier