Zoco Chico

Zoco Chico, Rachid Boussellam © 2007

In a break from the conference, Picturing/Performing Tanger (Feb 2007), Lesley and I walked down to the Cafe Tingis on the Zocco Chico hoping to run into our friend Rachid. We had both taken a look around for him on previous days with no luck. But today was different and we had no sooner sat down at a table out front when Rachid appeared. Although it had been a year since our last visit, we picked right up where we had left off...

"I'm doing some drawings now," Rachid said excitedly, "let me show you, see it's here, the Zoco Chico."

The Cafe Tingis, on the south side of the Zoco Chico, is Rachid's office of sorts; in fact, he's such a part of the neighborhood that he's been called the "Mayor of the Zoco Chico."

As we said our goodbyes, Rachid slipped this wonderful drawing (above) into my bag.