Shakespeare and Tangier

Albarrani: Shakespeare?! He’s only a soldier… whose name was given to this lane where we live (motioning to the street.)

Marshana: A soldier?! What soldier in this world is named Shakespeare?

Albarrani: …I thought he was a soldier. Why else would foreigners name this street after him? Who is your Shakespeare, if not a noble soldier?

Marshana: …the most renowned theatre poet in England. (a pause) Roads aren’t only named for soldiers.

Albarrani: If he wasn’t a soldier, then he was somehow working like a soldier. Something in his work must have resembled guns… this is a famous Tangier street, without such power the English would never have named it for him.

Marshana: Words were Shakespeare’s guns, but his words resurrect rather than kill. That is why his power lives on…

Albarrani: But roads are named to honor the dead…

Marshana: No, this one’ll never die.

(Shakespeare Lane, 2008: p29)